Google Services

We specialize in Google Services including Google My Business or GMB and Google My Business Optimization.  Google My Business has become a very important aspect of digital marketing for every business. 

GMB is offered by Google to help position any business into the Google Search Engines and Google Maps.  When a potential customer searches for a product or service Google displays businesses based on matching the search to information and location that they have based on Google My Business and other factors.  Google has a algorithm that it uses for key factors that display a business on the search results. For this reason, it is extremely important to have your GMB updated and optimized for Google. 

Your GMB is critical to have your business displayed in Google Maps.  Google Maps offers 3, organic business profiles, commonly known as the 3-Pack.  Having your business show up in this 3-Pack can be the most important aspect of SEO. 

Thousands of local business don’t event claim their GMB listing, giving opportunities to competitors and losing business.  Let us help you optimize your GMB and your digital marketing. 

Google Services

Google My Business Set-Up $250

Google My Business Optimization $250

Google My Business Website Creation $250

Google My Business Video Creation $250

Google My Business Map Citations $250 (50)

Google Search Console Set Up & Sitemap Submission $250

Google Analytics Set Up & Website Integration $250

Google Blogger Page Set-Up $250

Google YouTube Channel Set-Up $250

Google Smart Ads PPC Set Up & Ad Creation $250 (3 Ads)

Google Smart Ads PPC Management $250 a month + Advertising Spend

Google Search Ads PPC Set Up & Ad Creation $500 (3 Ads)

Google Search Ads PPC Management $500 a month + Advertising Spend

Google My Business Monthly Posting Service $150 a month

Google Blogger Posting Service $150 a month

Google YouTube Channel Posting Service $150 a month

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